Develop Branded Applications

SDK and Building Apps

Written By Marissa Fegan (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 14th, 2023

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To create apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android you will need the SDK for each platform.

For Windows we will send you a MyGet invitation to the cloud-based package repository. Once registered, you will automatically receive updates to this SDK.

For Android we will send you a PackageCloud token that you need to enter in your project to fetch the SDK. Once registered, you will automatically receive updates to this SDK.

For Apple platforms we will send you a link to the latest SDK kit (in Zip format) and will notify you when updates are available.

To use the SDKs, you will need the following, which we will send to you after your account is created:

  • Your Auth Suffix: this is a single string unique to your account. This may also be referred to in some documentation as your Company Name.
  • Your Client (v3) API key (not to be confused with your Reseller API - see above).

Instructions for how to retrieve each SDK (including invitations to cloud-based package repositories), will be sent to your nominated technical contact by email. Updates to the SDKs will be communicated in the same way. 

Sample Apps

We have a set of sample apps known as ConsumerVPN which you can adapt to your own needs, or use to learn about the SDK integration. The repositories and documentation for these can be found at We strongly recommend that you read all the documentation available here before starting your development.


Should you need help with setting up your account, developing the apps or need to escalate a technical issue, you can email WLVPN Support via This will automatically create a ticket in our system and any responses will be sent back automatically to your original sending address.