Release Notes for VIPRE Cloud Console - Oct 18, 2018

Written By Marissa Fegan (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 22nd, 2020

Product release information for VIPRE Cloud Console released on October 18, 2017.

  • We have made more of the UI elements responsive on mobile devices. The UI is now mobile-friendly.
  • Fixes and updates to the backend services include
    • changes to handling voided notifications
    • regenerating welcome emails when site admin changes
    • exclusions improvements
    • connection error handling

Bugs fixed in this release 

  • VC-2102: Scan USB on insertion should be enabled in default policies
  • VC-2082: Text field validation is removing some characters while user writes
  • VC-2046: No devices-in-site notification, but there are devices registered.
  • VC-528: Site Quarantine does not show traces for non-file type quarantined items
  • VC-1940: Notification pop up is opened multiple times if you click repeteadly
  • VC-2086: Changes made in site settings are not displayed properly
  • VC-2077: Navigation Back button on scans load and empty page on Device scan list
  • VC-2059: When creating or editing Digest Notifications (daily or weekly), specifying a delivery time of 9AM (and only 9AM) fails. An error is displayed on the UI and the configuration is not saved.
  • VC-1811: Policy-level Health Digest email notifications include “Device Protection” data from all policies (site scope).
  • VC-2008: If an agent upgrade is scheduled for for a specific time, the actual upgrade is triggered in UTC (server) timezone instead of the site timezone.
  • VC-2021: If an exclusion list at SITE level scope is in use and is subsequently changed to POLICY level scope, only agents in the newly-designated associated policies are updated. Agents in other policies are never notified to remove the exclusions.
  • VC-2035: Cannot add a Folder to an exclusion list while un-quarantining. For example, un-quarantine a quarantined item of type Folder, and choose to add the Folder to an exclusion list at the same time. The un-quarantine deferred work is generated as expected, but the Folder is not added to the exclusion list.
  • VC-1293: Cancelling an un-quarantine or delete from quarantine by cancelling the deferred work associated with those actions works, but the items remaining in quarantine can no longer be acted on. Select some items in quarantine and un-quarantine or delete them, then go to the associated device and cancel the deferred work before the agent acts on it. The quarantine items will remain in pending state and no further action can be taken.
  • VC-1656: An extra popup appears on the login screen when a user is logged out from the UI due to inactivity.